Vendor Advocacy

As the seller of your home or investment property you aren't charged a fee! We take a percentage of the selling agents commission to work on your behalf.

What is Vendor Advocacy?

A vendor advocate provides recommendations and advice regarding the best selling agents within your area that we believe are the right fit for you. Austin Buyers Agents will source multiple agents and review their strategy, marketing plan and fees to sell your property. We then work with the selling agent on your behalf to achieve the best result for your home or investment property. 

Deciding to sell your property can be a stressful process, especially if you are time-poor or uncertain of the sales process. Thats where we come in. Having an expert, unbiased opinion from a vendor advocate can help you undersand the sales process from start to finish, ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcome.

The Importance of Vendor Advocates

Selling a property involves numerous time consuming tasks, such as organising inspections, responding to inquiries and managing paperwork. Vendor advocates take care of these responsibilities, freeing up your time and reducing stress. As a Sydney buyers agent we handle administrative tasks, coordinate inspections and ensure that all documentation is in order, streamlining the entire process for you.

Austin Buyers Agents act as your vendor advocate and trusted advisor, working in your best interests to achieve the desired outcomes. Our expertise and experience give sellers confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they have a knowledgeable professional handling their transaction.

Why Use Vendor Advocates?

Are you planning to sell your property? In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s crucial to have an edge to ensure a successful sale. That’s where real estate vendor advocacy comes in. Vendor advocacy is a service that acts as your trusted advisor throughout the entire selling process, helping you navigate the complexities of the market. With our expert guidance and industry knowledge, vendor advocates ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome and maximise your property’s value. From selecting the right real estate agent to negotiating the best deal, we are your dedicated partner, working solely in your best interest. By leveraging our expertise with vendor advocacy Sydney, you can save time, stress and even money. So, if you want to sell your property with confidence and achieve the best possible result, enlisting the services of a vendor advocate is essential. A Sydney buyers agent will represent you, as the vendor ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.

We understand that selling your home can be an emotional process, especially under unfortunate circumstances. Our job as vendor advocates is to work on your behalf to achieve the best possible sales price, stress free process and positive experience. 

This is a free service for the seller as we take a fee from the selling agent directly. Vendor advocacy Sydney is designed to take the stress out of selling your property. We will work with you and are your point of contact throughout the transaction. 

How Vendor Advocates can help you

 Working with a vendor advocate will assist you in preparing your property for sale. A vendor advocate has an eye for detail and can recommend improvements or staging techniques that will enhance its appeal and increase its value. Whether it’s decluttering, repainting, or landscaping, a vendor advocate will guide you on the most cost-effective ways to improve your property’s presentation and make it more attractive to buyers. Sydney buyers advocates understand exactly what to look for when purchasing a property and the steps to take to ensure a successful transaction. We are able to leverage this knowledge and experience, helping sell a house equally as effectively.

There is absolutely no fee charged to the seller for our vendor advocate service. We take a portion of the selling agents commission to work on your behalf. 

Vendor Advocacy Sydney. Luke Bindley of Sydney Buyers Agents
Vendor Advocate, Luke Bindley
Commission from the Selling Agent

Vendor advocates earn their income through a commission paid by the selling agent or agency involved in the transaction. This means that the seller does not have to pay any additional fees or expenses out of pocket for the services provided by the vendor advocates.

Negotiating Their Commission

 Vendor advocates negotiate their commission directly with the selling agent or agency. This negotiation usually takes place based on the commission structure already established between the selling agent and the vendor advocate. The advocate’s commission is typically a percentage of the total commission earned by the selling agent upon the successful sale of the property.

Incentives for Selling Agents 

Selling agents may have an incentive to work with vendor advocates because they bring qualified and well-prepared sellers to the table. By partnering with a vendor advocate, selling agents can save time and effort in managing the transaction, as the vendor advocate takes care of various tasks and coordinates the process effectively. This arrangement benefits both the selling agent and the property seller, as it streamlines the sale while ensuring the seller receives expert representation.

Value in Competitive Markets

 In competitive real estate markets, where multiple agents may be vying for a seller’s business, vendor advocates can provide an added advantage. Real estate agents may be more willing to negotiate their commission to secure the listing with the support of vendor advocacy Sydney, as they recognise the value of working with an experienced professional who can facilitate a smoother and more successful sale.

When it comes to selling your property, having a property vendor advocate by your side can make all the difference. A vendor advocate is a licensed professional who acts solely in your best interest throughout the entire selling process. They are not affiliated with any real estate agency or buyer, which means their only goal is to ensure you get the highest possible price for your property. A vendor advocate understands the complexities of the real estate market and uses their expertise to guide you through every step of the selling journey.

Working with a Vendor Advocate

One of the key roles of vendor advocacy Sydney is to provide you with expert advice and guidance. They will assess your property’s value, identify its unique selling points and develop a tailored marketing strategy to attract the right buyers. Additionally, they will handle all negotiations on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best possible price for your property. They have a deep understanding of the local market and are skilled at leveraging knowledge to your advantage. With a vendor advocate on your side, you can rest assured knowing that every decision made is in your best interest.

Why Choose a Vendor Advocate when Selling?

Another crucial aspect of a vendor advocates role is to oversee the entire selling process. From attending property inspections to coordinating with solicitors and ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and on time. Taking care of the administrative tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your life. This level of support and attention to detail is what sets a vendor advocate apart from other real estate professional. They are dedicated to making the selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Vendor Advocacy Process

  1. Market Review, Property Preparation & Sales Agent Selection
  2. Providing Guidance & Support With Buyers And Offers
  3. Expert Advice Throughout Negotiations 
  4. Contracts Exchanged Through To Settlement 

Extensive Market Knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market enables us to provide expert advice and make informed decisions on your behalf.
We stay up to date with market trends, local insights and comparable sales, ensuring your property is positioned competitively for maximum exposure and optimal results.

Effective Marketing and Exposure

Leveraging our marketing expertise, we choose the best agent with the most compelling property campaigns that capture the attention of potential buyers.
Through strategic use of online platforms, social media, and traditional marketing channels, we ensure your property receives extensive exposure to attract qualified buyers.

Personalised Approach

Vendor advocacy Sydney understand that every property and client is unique, and we tailor our vendor advocates services to meet your specific requirements.
Our experienced team of vendor advocacy Sydney take the time to understand your goals, devise a strategy and provide individualised guidance throughout the selling process.

Skilled Negotiation 

Our skilled negotiators are adept at achieving favourable outcomes, securing the best possible sale price and terms for your property.
Our buyers advocate Sydney work with your best interests, leveraging our industry expertise and negotiation to navigate offers, counteroffers and contractual agreements effectively.

Vendor advocacy Sydney services go beyond traditional selling methods by providing tailored marketing campaigns and maximum exposure for your property. Vendor advocates leverage their extensive network, digital platforms and industry connections to promote your property effectively. Their strategic approach ensures your property reaches the right audience, generating strong interest and attracting qualified buyers. With their comprehensive marketing efforts, you can achieve a successful sale.

When it comes to selling your property, vendor advocacy Sydney services offered by a leading buyers agency can make all the difference. By partnering with experts who understand the market, possess negotiation skills and offer personalised support, you can achieve the best possible outcome for your property. Maximise your sale price, save time and gain peace of mind. Entrusting your property sale to a reputable buyers agency with strong vendor advocacy Sydney services. Unlock the potential of your property sale and embark on a successful selling journey today!

Austin Buyers Agents Provides An Expert Vendor Advocacy Service Giving You Confidence, Advice And Guidance.

You are time poor and need us to take care of the process for you
You have not sold a property before
Wanting trust & reliability 
A separation is taking place and you need independent advice selling the property 
Residing interstate or overseas and needing experts on the ground
Wanting advice on how to get your property ready for sale and the process involved when selling property
Schedule a consultation to see how we can help with selling your property for FREE 
I recently had the pleasure of working with Austin Buyers Agents. Luke truely went above and beyond to assist. Luke helped me make an informed decision after providing me with very important information and due diligence on the property. Throughout our entire property buying journey Luke’s communication was seamless no matter the time of day. I felt supported and informed at each stage of the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Austin buyers agents services for anyone looking to buy a property
Brent Davidson
Brent Davidson
Luke is well considered. Understands the needs of his customers and is able to deliver meaningful solutions and options. You definitely won’t do wrong choosing him as your Buyers Agent.
Q Strings String Trio
Q Strings String Trio
What an incredible property buying experience! I had never worked with a buyers agent and wasn’t exactly sure how it worked. Luke really took his time to explain it to me and was very patient, answered all of my questions and achieved an amazing result. My husband and I are astounded by the impressive job Luke did. He managed to find us and investment property and was negotiating until late Saturday night to secure the deal. I highly recommend Luke as a buyers agent.
linda harris
linda harris
Luke was incredibly efficient and his communication skills were impeccable. Luke understood our brief and delivered a wonderful property buying service as our buyers agent. He was an absolute asset to have on our side when purchasing our new home in Sydney. I am so thankful for Luke’s help and look forward to working with him in the future.
Mark Aitkens
Mark Aitkens

What Does A Vendor Advocate Do?

Vendor Advocacy. Austin Buyers Agents. Sydney Buyers Agents

Market research & agent selection guidance

Be your point of contact

We work directly with the sales agent to ensure a smooth sales campaign

Facilitating & overseeing the sales transaction

Guidance & support throughout the process

Frequently Asked Questions

A vendor advocate or vendor advocacy Sydney is when the seller enlists a buyers agent to represent and advocate on their behalf when selling a home or investment property. This service is used by many time poor individuals and those who lack knowledge regarding the sale of property. 

Vendor advocacy does not cost the seller anything. Our fee for advocating on your behalf is deducted from the agents fee who sells your property. This means you do not pay any extra or double the fees. Once the property has been sold and you have paid the agent, the agent then pays our fee. 

Choosing the right vendor advocate requires careful consideration. Look for someone who has experience and expertise within the industry and is knowledgeable about the vendor advocacy process. Consider their track record, reputation, and references from previous clients.

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Let us find the perfect home or investment property for you.