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Commercial Property Management

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Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management specialists with over 8 years experience. Contact us to see how we can manage your commercial asset.

Our commercial property managers oversee a boutique commercial rent roll, ensuring that each landlord and tenant are properly looked after without compromising on service.

Austin Buyers Agents are trusted professionals that specialise in commercial property management. Combining expertise and knowledge when taking care of your asset. 

Why choose a commercial property manager?

Experience & Expertise 

Our commercial property managers are experts when it comes to asset management. We have experience in commercial, industrial and retail shopping centre management. 

Property Maintenance 

Building maintenance and urgent repairs can be stressful and often require immediate attention. Our property managers work seven days a week and are experienced in dealing with issues. If you aren’t familiar with what maintenance is required for a commercial property it can be quite expensive if you are misquoted or the properly is merely a repair rather than a replacement. A commercial property manager will provide multiple quotes and work toward resolving the property for the most cost effect outcome. 

Our property managers have a team of licensed tradespeople at our fingertips for emergency repairs and any issues that need immediate attention. 

Risk Management

A commercial property manager ensures that the tenant has adequate insurance and a policy in place. We also complete regular routine inspections noting any safety issues or hazards that require attention. 

In-House Commercial Leases

Our team are experienced in drawing up in-house commercial leases. If the lease period exceeds 3 x 3 years, a lease summary will be sent to your solicitor for a longer term. 

Meet Your Commercial Property Manager, Luke Bindley

commercial property management
Commercial Property Management

Benefits of commercial property management

Commercial property management offers a large range of benefits, ensuring that your asset is managed correctly by professionals.  Our property managers bring extensive knowledge and experience, handling the day to day responsibilities such as rent collection, repairs & maintenance, leasing of the property and tenancy management. We understand the laws, conditions, effective marketing strategies and how to maximise rental income.

When it comes to investments, it’s a good idea to have a professional commercial property manager who is able to enforce legal requirements as per the lease. There is a certain peace of mind having an expert managing your property, after all it is usually a rather large investment. 

What Does A Commercial Property Manager Do?

property management
Property Management

Leasing & Inspections

Rent Collection

Coordination  of Repairs & Maintenance 

Property Inspections – Ingoing & Outgoing 

Commercial Lease Agreements

Rent Reviews & Bond Management

Expense Management

Emergency Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

As buyers advocates we have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and a great understanding of investment grade locations. We are able to advise what areas have performed well and will continue to do so, we have a proven methodology and this is backed by data. There is a comprehensive checklist completed to ensure that the property is superior.

No, Sydney buyers agents are not exclusively for higher budgets and price points. Our property buying agency cater to clients from all backgrounds and financial positions, working with them to source and purchase the right property that fits their requirements and budget. Austin Buyers Agents serves a diverse range of clientele, providing expert guidance and assistance throughout the buying process.

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Properties Austin Buyers Agents Purchases

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Luxury Homes
  • Acreage
  • Duplex
  • Terraces
  • Villas

Yes! Sydney buyers agents work exclusively for the buyer within the property transaction and will provide the purchaser with guidance on what to offer and how the process works. Austin Buyers Agents works closely with a team of professionals such as solicitors, mortgage brokers and building & pest inspectors to ensure you have the best people on your side throughout the purchase. 

Sydney buyers agents will liaise directly with multiple real estate agents so that you don’t have to. Our buyers advocate Sydney streamline  property buyers, saving you time, stress and money. While most people will only buy or sell a property once or twice within their lifetime a buyers agent assists multiple clients with their home buying and investment property purchases. Austin Buyers Agents have been named as best buyers agent Sydney.

There are many benefits of using a buyers agent when looking to purchase a property. A buyers advocate will work on behalf of the purchaser to ensure a positive and stress free property buying experience. A buyers agent is able to provide professional guidance and our expert opinion when purchasing a home or investment property. 

Access to a larger range of properties

Saving you time + money

Leveraging our knowledge and expertise

Removing stress and hassle from the process

Providing guidance and navigating the entire buying process

When choosing a Sydney buyers agent it is important to understand the fees associated with their services. Each buyers agents fees vary, it is usually based on a percentage of the purchase price or a fixed fee. 

Austin Buyers Agents pricing model is a fixed fee structure, meaning that the buyer does not pay a percentage of the purchase price. Our buyers agent fees are clearly outlined up front and remain the same throughout your agreed upon budget. 

Our Fee Schedule

When it comes to purchasing a property, a Sydney buyers agency can be an invaluable asset to have on your side. We have extensive negotiating skills and the ability to save property buyers thousands of dollars.  When you consider the potential savings, the buyers agent fees associated are minor in comparison to the price you could have paid for the property without expert guidance. 

Our Sydney buyers agency goes above and beyond to ensure that you find the right property for the right price. We conduct a thorough analysis and research on both the property and surrounding areas to ensure you don’t overpay. Our property buying agency we also complete in-depth due diligence on the property making sure that any risks are identified prior to proceeding with the property purchase.

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Let us find the perfect home or

investment property for you.

Let us find the perfect home or investment property for you.