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Searching for the right property can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t understand the current market and pricing. Below are just a few issues we look at when completing due diligence on your new home.

  1. The location and proximity to amenities such as transport, shops and schools.
  2. The condition and age of the home, we will have an independent inspection carried out by a building and pest inspector to ensure the home is safe and free from any major issues.
  3. The price of the property and current market conditions.
  4. Zoning, ensuring that it is zoned correctly for the required use.
  5. Infrastructure and future developments within the area.

There are many factors taken into consideration prior to purchasing a home. We will ensure that the property has been thoroughly examined.

Our experience as Sydney buyers agents has led us to build strong relationships with agents and be presented with off market properties and pre market opportunities. We provide invaluable knowledge and guidance during the home buying process.

How Austin Buyers Agents Help Home Buyers

Our team of Sydney buyers agents pride ourselves on providing a bespoke property buying service. From sourcing your new home through to settlement, putting you in touch with expert professionals along the way to assist with your property buying journey. As a buyers advocate Sydney we work exclusively for you, the buyer and are committed to achieving the best possible price and terms. 

Our Sydney buyers agents will save you time by only shortlisting properties that meet your criteria and budget. A buyers advocate is also able to help you save money by helping you understand value, providing you with a market analysis and current property transactions within the area.

Our team of Sydney buyers agents has a strong understanding of the real estate market and will provide you with insight into fair market value of the property. We are able to use this knowledge backed with data when negotiating to ensure that you don’t over pay. Leverage our experience and understanding of negotiating and favourable terms to achieve the best possible outcome for the property buyer.

One of the key advantages of working with home buying agents is their extensive knowledge of the local market. As Sydney buyers agents we have access to comprehensive databases and resources that enable them to identify the best suburbs, properties and price ranges that suit your budget and lifestyle. Staying up to date with market trends.

Our Process as Buyers Agents


You will have an initial meeting with our buyers agent Sydney, which consists of getting to know each other and conducting a detailed discussion to understand your home buying requirements, budget and needs. This helps us to tailor our property buying service to each clients specific needs and ensure that as buyers agents we have a clear understanding of your property objectives.


Taking information regarding your budget, lifestyle and property requirements we will create a property brief, this will include your wants and needs in either a home or investment property. We will collate as much information as possible for this and ensure that both parties are on the same page.


As experienced property buyers we will develop a strategy that aligns with your specific budget, lifestyle and unique property requirements. We will take a deep dive into your property needs, future plans and what you are wanting to achieve to maximise results.


Once the brief has been completed and a property strategy is put in place we will then commence the search. This includes us reaching out to personal networks and extensive agent databases with both off market properties and current listings to find you the perfect home or investment property.


Armed with information and your property criteria, our experienced team of Sydney buyers agents will conduct extensive research to identify suitable properties matching your brief. We will analyse the property market for locations and suburbs best suited to your budget and property requirements. We will only shortlist properties that meet this criteria to save you time.

Our team of buyers advocate Sydney will complete extensive due diligence on each property to ensure nothing is overlooked, addressing all issues found and taking a deep dive into the subject properties ensuring that you don’t buy the wrong property.


As expert negotiators, we will work diligently to secure you the right property for the best possible price and terms. We will leverage our industry knowledge and strong negotiation skills to advocate for your best interests.

As experienced buyers advocates Austin Buyers Agents are able to streamline property buyers ensuring a smooth and effortless transaction. 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Austin Buyers Agents. Luke truely went above and beyond to assist. Luke helped me make an informed decision after providing me with very important information and due diligence on the property. Throughout our entire property buying journey Luke’s communication was seamless no matter the time of day. I felt supported and informed at each stage of the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Austin buyers agents services for anyone looking to buy a property
Brent Davidson
Brent Davidson
Luke is well considered. Understands the needs of his customers and is able to deliver meaningful solutions and options. You definitely won’t do wrong choosing him as your Buyers Agent.
Q Strings String Trio
Q Strings String Trio
What an incredible property buying experience! I had never worked with a buyers agent and wasn’t exactly sure how it worked. Luke really took his time to explain it to me and was very patient, answered all of my questions and achieved an amazing result. My husband and I are astounded by the impressive job Luke did. He managed to find us and investment property and was negotiating until late Saturday night to secure the deal. I highly recommend Luke as a buyers agent.
linda harris
linda harris
Luke was incredibly efficient and his communication skills were impeccable. Luke understood our brief and delivered a wonderful property buying service as our buyers agent. He was an absolute asset to have on our side when purchasing our new home in Sydney. I am so thankful for Luke’s help and look forward to working with him in the future.
Mark Aitkens
Mark Aitkens
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Let us find the perfect home or

investment property for you.

Let us find the perfect home or investment property for you.