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Property Negotiation Service

Have you found your dream home but are unsure of the best way to secure it?
Are you confident negotiating?
Is the property buying process confusing you? Or are you just time poor?

A property negotiation service is for buyers who have found the right property but need expertise negotiating the price and terms. 

Negotiating can become a stressful and time consuming process. Our property negotiation service ensures that you have an independent buyers agent working exclusively for you. Our Sydney buyers agents are highly trained in negotiation and will guide you throughout the purchasing process.

One of the most important aspects when buying real estate is determining how much the property is worth. By engaging our property negotiation service we will provide you with a comparative market analysis and guide you on how to best offer for the campaign.

Property Negotiation Service Process

  • Our Sydney buyers agents will inspect the property, providing feedback on the house and location. 
  • Provide an independent appraisal, helping you understand the properties value, as well as recent sales comparables within the area. 
  • Organise the contract of sale and/or strata reports to be reviewed by a solicitor. We will also complete due diligence on the property.
  • Our team will put a strategy in place to secure the property, this can depend on location, sales campaign and your budget. If the method of sale is auction, our buyers agents will attend the auction and bid on your behalf.  Advising you if it is best to try and purchase the property prior to auction. 
  • Submitting offers and negotiating directly with the real estate agent on your behalf, ensuring that we offer with the best possible terms and conditions. 
  • Arrange a pre-purchase building and pest inspection to be carried out. 
  • Guide you through the entire purchasing process and ensure that you understand each step. 
  • Arranging a pre-settlement inspection, ensuring that everything is in working order and providing you with post-settlement support. 

Property Negotiation Service Fees

Our property negotiation service is tailored to each individual purchasers needs. This fee is typically 50% of the full buyers agent service. It is best to get in touch and see how we can customise our property negotiation service to your requirements.

Our property negotiation service agreement includes the negotiation of up to three properties. The main reason for this is due to instances which are out of our control such as the vendor deciding not to sell. We allow for multiple negotiations so that you aren’t left paying for a service if your chosen property falls through. 

Benefits of Using a Property Negotiation Service

  • Our property negotiation service is designed to avoid you paying above what the property is worth. We understand how agents work and use tactics to achieve the best price. 
  • Removing emotion from the process by enlisting a property negotiation service to act on your behalf. 
  • Access to our professionals. Often we need to move quickly to have the upper hand and beat any competition. This may require after hour services which is where a buyers agents relationships can really help. We have access to the best professionals at our fingertips ensuring you are looked after. 
  • We are able to save you time by negotiating and liaising directly with each party on your behalf. 

The Result of A Property Negotiation Service

  • Secure the property you want with confidence knowing you didn’t overpay through our property negotiation service.
  • Having a trusted, professional property buyer by your side who understands the entire process.
  • Objective advice, sticking to the facts and removing emotion from the purchase.
  • Having a Sydney buyers agent as your point of contact throughout the purchasing process. Leave the negotiating to our team of experts. 
Contact us to see how our property negotiation service can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody looking to purchase a property can benefit from our property negotiation service. This includes a a freestanding house or an apartment. 

As a buyers agent Sydney we work with home buyers and property investors. 

Having experience as a real estate agent has given insight to both buying and selling. Our team know how to make offers and conditions that can be favourable. Real estate agents respect that we have genuine buyers and know that we are there to do a job. The highest offer is not always what is accepted by the vendor. We understand tactics used by agents and don’t fall for tricks that most buyers do. An agent is counting on the buyer becoming emotionally attached to the property. A buyers agent is able to remove the emotion when negotiating and stick to the facts. 

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Let us find the perfect home or

investment property for you.

Let us find the perfect home or investment property for you.