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Preparing a House For Sale

Preparing a House For Sale

Selling a house can be an exciting yet challenging process. To ensure a smooth and successful sale, it’s crucial to invest time and effort into preparing your home to appeal to potential buyers. Sydney Buyers Agents has prepared a list of essential steps to take that can increase the value and desire of your home when preparing it for sale.

What Buyers Agents and Property Buyers Look For

Sydney Buyers Agents and property buyers will look for any notable structural issues or damage to the property. Condition of the home and any works that will need to be completed. Completing any minor maintenance issues and cosmetic work such as painting and new floor coverings can go a long way when selling your property. This is one less issues the buyer will need to attend to and is more likely to pay a higher price for. Ensuring that the house has been professionally cleaned and presented in its best form is always an important factor.

Consider Using a Vendor Advocate

Vendor Advocacy is a free service for the seller as we take a fee from the selling agent directly. Vendor advocacy is designed to take the stress out of selling your property. We will work with you and are your point of contact throughout the transaction.

Working with a vendor advocate will assist you in preparing your property for sale. We have an eye for detail and can recommend improvements or staging techniques that will enhance its appeal and increase its value. Whether it’s decluttering, repainting or landscaping, a vendor advocate will guide you on the most cost-effective ways to improve your property’s presentation and make it more attractive to buyers.

Enhance the Street Appeal

The first impression is critical when it comes to selling your home. Improve your street appeal to attract potential buyers from the moment they arrive. This includes

Mowing lawns


Light landscaping

Pressure washing/ cleaning the exterior of the house, garage and driveway.

Painting the facade of the house

Declutter and Tidy

Clearing out clutter and removing personal items will make your home feel more spacious and allow buyers to envision themselves living there.

Organise furniture and limit personal items where possible

Declutter and clean bedroom, closets and main living areas

Clean and Repair

A clean and well-maintained home will impress buyers and give the impression that the property has been well cared for.

Clean windows, skirting and behind any furniture that prospective buyers will check

Repair any damage, loose door handles and leaking taps

Deep clean carpet to freshen and deodorise

Consider repainting with neutral colours and changing the carpet or flooring where possible

Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom

If your house is dated and needing some light cosmetic renovation or remodel, consider starting with the kitchen or bathroom.

SP Cabinets are  a custom kitchen and bathroom company that are able to service clients across Sydney. Using a trusted Sydney Cabinet Maker will ensure the job is done correctly. SP cabinets pull out all the stops to ensure that your Sydney outdoor kitchen not only looks good but also make it a joy to entertain at.

Photos and Staging or Virtual Furniture

It is important to use a professional real estate photographer that has experience capturing your home or investment property in the best light. Digital 1 Photography have a wide range of real estate photography services and are able to work with your budget to create the best package for your needs.

Staging your home can significantly impact potential buyers perception and create an emotional connection with the property. Digital 1 Photography offer a virtual furniture service that allows them to take photos of your property and digitally add furniture where required.

Drones For Hire

Drone photography has become essential when listing your home or investment property for sale. Buyers like to see photos of the property from almost every angle. If you are searching for a drone photographer be sure to use drones for hire.

Interior Designing and Styling

Other factors to consider when preparing a house for sale

When it comes to selling your home, making changes and updating is a point of difference and this can increase the sale price significantly. Choosing a Sydney interior designer to remodel and style your house can totally refresh any outdated aspects the property may have. This allows buyers to see your home in a different light as something more modern and neutral. This creates a space for buyers to imagine as if it were their home. By doing this you can create emotion and desirability which can lead to a purchaser paying a higher price.


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